About Us

KUTXATEKA: Kutxa Fundazioa’s cultural heritage, a treasure we want to share

Kutxa Fundazioa has always contributed towards the development of our culture in its various forms by supporting the initiatives of artists. This has resulted in the acquisition of a wealth of works of great artistic, documentary and historical value: paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and etchings, bibliographical works, etc.
A vast heritage that rests on three main pillars:
  1. Fototeka a huge photograph library of over 1 million images that reflect the political, social and cultural history of Gipuzkoa throughout the 20th century in addition to others catalogued as being of particular importance in the History of Photography from its beginnings halfway through the 19th century.
  2. Art about 5,000 works including paintings, sculptures and graphics of authors mainly from Gipuzkoa or linked to Gipuzkoa, references in the artistic movements that have been taking place since the end of the 19th century.
  3. Dr. Camino Library over 14,500 books and documents belonging to the Library of the Dr. Camino Institute; they deal with the history of Donostia-San Sebastian and of the Basque Country.

We are committed to preserving, restoring and making publicly available all this cultural heritage so that it can be enjoyed by the general public: in our in-house exhibitions, in our centres, on loan permanently or temporarily to other institutions, etc. and now through this platform which is kutxateka.